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    I don't know about everyone else here, but I do expect what you tell about a produc to be true. This was a blatant error. There is no such threaded SMS at all in any form from palm. I don't know what happened with the treo 600/650 exactly, but couldn't you get a card to make it wifi capable? This isn't anywhere near a capability and yes it does make a difference in some people's decision making.
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    Actually there is a history to go by on this.. how many of you remember the Verizon V710 Class Action?? That was about an advertised function that they didn't deliver and sold on.... sound familiar??

    What did people get out of it, besides the attorneys?? Well, I got two phones fully refunded and had the option to purchase a new unit (700W) at a discount below anything they advertised and the option to get out of my contract.

    Does that equate to the fees the attorneys got?? Nope, but it amounted to $600+ the 700W at $249 for me. Not bad.... though I wish I had selected the out option since I ended up jumping to Sprint for the Wx anyway.

    I would say go ahead and do it, although its already probably being planned by someone else already.

    If nothing else... it will encourage them to re-check their marketing documents.
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    I have an idea...

    Maybe we should just open a "Treo Litigation" forum. Problem solved.
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    thanks guys for all your replies. thay are going to call me monday and see what i want to do.

    my only though is if i do this we MIGHT see an update sooner and maybe thay will think twice about false claims. if i dont do this who knows when we will see the update and even if it will have the feature. we don't know FORSURE well will get it off the 750v and that it will work as well as the 700p.
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