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    I just got my Treo 700wx and I went into the sprint store to see if they could transfer my phone numbers from my old phone to my new phone. They told me that they couldn't transfer it, but I could type it on my computer and transfer it to my 700wx that way. My question is, what do I type my phone numbers into, and how do I sync it?
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    You'll need to type your numbers into Outlook. Outlook is what the 700wx syncs with.
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    Put your phone numbers into Outlook and set up ActiveSync. Then they will come over.
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    You can setup your contacts in Microsoft Outlook and sync with Activesync. I believe both apps are on the CDs that came with your phone.

    EDIT: what they said guys are fast!
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    Thanks for the quick replys.

    I've added my phone numbers to Outlook under "contacts," but when I click on sync from Microsoft ActiveSync nothing happens. My phone numbers still aren't transfered over. What am I doing wrong?
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    Did you install ActiveSync on your PC?
    Did you connect your Treo to your computer with the USB cable?
    Did you run the Synchronization Setup Wizard which should start when you plug yout Treo to your computer? That is where you tell it what to sync.
    Did you press the sync button on your ActiveSync?

    Check all that out.
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    What kind of phone is your old phone? Does it have bluetooth or infrared? If so you may be able to send the contacts to your Treo or your computer. And depending on your phone, there may also be a way to extract your contacts with a USB cable. Otherwise, your best bet is to type them all into outlook and sync it with your Treo.
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    My old phone doesn't have bluetooth, so I have to type it out into outlook, but i'm still having problems.

    This is exactly what i'm doing;
    1. I open Microsoft Outlook, and I click on "Contacts" in the left coloum
    2. I add all my names a phone numbers to the "Contacts" list
    3. I connect my 700wx to my computer via USB cord
    4. I click "sync" on Microsoft ActiveSync

    I'm still not transferring my numbers over. I'm thinking that i'm supposed to add Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft ActiveSync somehow, but I am unsure how. If anyone knows what i'm doing wrong, please let me know.

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