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    Hey folks,
    I have finally gotten around to trying out some third party software, Flexmail, Pocket Informant, SPB Pocketplus etc, and I wanted to know, what apps can I install on the card? I am sure there are some that might act funny if I install them elsewhere.
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    I was wondering the same thing coming from the Palm OS camp. Also is there an app like PowerRun that will show us the apps in the standard launcher?
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    This is more of a 'gut feel' answer, from experience. Generally, Today screen plugins should NOT be installed to the card (things like SPB Pocket Plus etc.). Most good apps will document whether they can be installed to the card. Things like Pocket Informant / PIM replacements I also prefer to keep off the card (although they will run from there) just for performance reasons ...
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    I've installed just about all my apps on the card. Sometimes it'll tell you during the install process that the app can't run off the card, but I've seen that only with .net Compact Framework apps, that are pretty heavy.

    This ability to seamlessly run apps from the SD card is one of things I REALLY like about WM. It's not perfect (what is?) but I really like that ability.
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    I also come from palm and have "tons" of palm applications.
    Which ones may work directly with windows and which ones are available for download with windows.
    Any nice link for that?

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