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    Here is my cheap ansser to getting threaded SMS on the 700wx....

    1) Under INBOX Create a folder for everyone who sends you or you send an SMS.

    2) Every once in awhile, go to your received messages and MOVE thenm to this folder.. do the same with SENT messages.

    Now, you will have a folder named by the person you are in touch with, and it will have inorder the sent and received messages.. just like a THREAD!

    OK, this takes time and prep and isn't sometbhing you can do on the fly.. BUT at least you can when you have some downtime do this, and be able to quickly look through conversations all in order.

    Anyone else do this besides me? Try it.. you'll like it!
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    LOL I think that kind of defeats the purpose

    Nice try though
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    Options are always appreciated here I'll use SMS Threader for now, until we get the threaded sms app from the 750v.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I use sms threader right now, and so far other then a few glitches I like it. I am still hopeful for a palm update that does the threading like the 650, but for now what I have works.
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    Whats SMS Threadder?
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    It's a cool program that allows you to have threaded SMS. I just found it this morning here on TreoCentral. I'm liking it. If you use the "Send to outlook" option, it will allow the sms to showup in Pocket Outlook and take advantage of the existing notification that's good.

    Here's the link to the Treocentral page with the link (there are 2 apps with links on the page. I like this app better though):

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    What do you guys think of TXTman vs the SMS Threader from Triangle powers?

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