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    I've been using my 700wx for a few weeks now. It is great so far.

    On my today's screen at the bottom is an area where my PDANET program has what is a quick link???? My question is: is there anyway to add programs to there? The windows button (next to the green phone button) will bring up a drop down menu of a limited number of selected programs, but is there any way to get some of those frequently used programs into this lower bar area???

    I've looked at a few today screen programs from all of which are pretty complicated to use and configure. I just haven't had time to sit down and try to configure each one of these.

    I guess basically I would like some icon on the today screen to press once to run a program like verichat or splash ID, etc.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advanced,

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    Thank you very much!
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    Why not just put those apps in your start menu, and here are the reasons I think doing that is better than putting them at the bottom of the screen:

    1. The apps you put on the Start menu are always available to you, just by hitting the Start menu button, which you can press from within ANY app.

    2. You can use the single key app access from in the Start menu - for example, I use eReader a ton, which gets the 'E' key assigned to it in the Start menu. Say I'm in email and I want to launch and read my book. I just hit the Start button (the actual hard button - I never use my stylus) and then hit 'E' and my book opens and there I am. Your way, you have to go back to the Today screen, get out the stylus, and tap the tiny app icon.

    3. Depending on how much stuff you have on the Today screen, those app icons at the bottom can be difficult and a hassle to navigate to.

    So - why not just use the start menu to make all that simpler? One button to press to bring it up, then press the single key letter associated with the app you've put into the Start menu. Plus you never have to get out the stylus. Yes, I know you can navigate down to those little icons(I have one as well, for Pocket Controller) but seems to me the Start menu is just faster, for the apps I use all the time, when paired with that one single key shortcut thing.

    just an idea...
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    You present a good point. I'm new to WM5 and I am not used to where things go yet and where things are. having the programs down at the bottomof the Today's Screen take up memory compared to your method of listing the programs under start.

    Since my display is mainly on the Today's screen I thought it would save me the hassel to push buttons,etc to get to these programs. Plus the start menu only allows you to show 7 items. Any hacks for this?? I'm used to Palm OS where it doesn't take me 10 clicks to get to what I want. Convienence is what I'm looking for.

    Because of this great forum and playing with the phone, I'm discovering new things everyday!


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    I used to use Hi-Launcher on the Palm OS to get the most of my 'Start Menu', it was great, I'm hoping someone can point me to software that does most or some of the functionality.

    Putting icons on the Today screen, as some have stated, is more clumsy than having a powerful start menu that you can access from everywhere & allows you to use the keyboard to activate any app (For instance, pressing 'Start', 'O', 'N' would get me to the News app) imo.

    For now, you can remove the 'Help' item from the Start Menu and configure up to 8 items. (Start->Settings->Menus, uncheck "Help")

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