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    I have tried a JX10, Moto H700, and a Jabra BT160 on my Treo 700wx. In numerous calls, everyone I have spoken to says the volume is low when I use the BT headest as compared to the wired palm headset or the standard phone mic.

    I have also tried all 3 on an LG LX350. Nobody seems to be able to tell the difference between being on the phone or any of the BT headsets. Outgoing audio is great!

    Whats the deal here? I have looked in the registry for anything that may allow me to hack the mic gain under BT but have had no luck. Anyone have an idea. I know try headset XXX, but I do not believe its the headsets when they work great on another phone in the same environment and 3 of them exhibit the same qualities!

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    FYI, the JX10 and the Jabra BT160 are not offiically supported on the 700wx; H700 is. (link)

    Not that it should make you feel better, but Palm's BT has never been it's strong points.

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    Plantronics 510, I love it. Volume is a little lower than my old i730 though.
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    I have the JX10 with my 700wx and haven't had any complaints. It works as well as it has with all my past devices. I'll try having someone call me using my headset and 700wx to see if I notice anything when looking for it.
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    Guess it may just be the BT on the phone. Incoming volume is loud on all headsets; outgoing is useable just noticeably weaker. Damn shame cause everything else rocks so far, 2 weeks in...
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    I have the Sony Ericson HBH-i635 or somethign like that... one piece....

    The volume is SO LOW in my ear its almost impossible to hear (ther eis no setting ont he earpiece just on the phone).

    Nobody complains of not hearing me though.

    I agree the bluetooth does suck. Especially when it turns itself off for nor eason.
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    bluetooth on the Treo sucks compared to other phones...however the Palm OEM'd headsets work the best, FWIW.

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    Unfortunately, I have not found anything similiar in the 700wx registry. But it seems other WM phones and devices have an audiogain that can be tweaked.

    Is there a program that exists that can dump the registry to a file so that I can study it easier on a PC screen vs. the Treo?

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