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    I was helping someone setup their treo & I was installing some apps from my storage card in his treo. Now, my treo named my storage card "storage card 2". That is a problem for me as all my storage installed apps dont work.

    Any suggestions on fixing that or am I destined for a hard reset?

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    Perfecto! That fixed it without a hard reset!

    i am a bit disapointed that the sprite restore did not work at all. I am thinking about another backup method.
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    In case that link changes:

    After I've re-inserted my storage card into my PDA, its name got a suffix '2'
    Q: After I've re-inserted my storage card into my PDA, its name got a suffix '2' (for example, it became "SD Card2"). Therefore, no previous links work (because they all point to the original name of the card) and, therefore, accessing anything on the card becomes really awkward. What's now?

    A: The phenomenon you've described is very common on the Pocket PC and caused by a process that tries to force writing to a currently non-existing (for example, removed) memory card. The most common cases of this are:


    - relocated PIE cache (see this PPCT frontpaged article for more info on the relocation, which is, in cases, highly recommended!)

    - Messaging / Pocket Inbox attachments relocated to the card (the thread also explains this problem; it's also worth reading ctitanic's comment! A closely related thread is here).

    - ActiveSync, which likes to (re)install already-installed, and then, removed stuff to non-existing cards if you (re)install your programs using Tools / Add/Remove Programs in ActiveSync instead of restarting the desktop installer EXE/MSI file.

    The solution is very simple: just remove the 'bogus', software-only directory (it may only work only after a soft reset when it's not 'locked' by anything; if it's caused by a relocated PIE cache, you'll need to relocate the cache to somewhere else so that the lock on index.dat is released before trying to remove the directory) and remove/reinsert your card.

    In this PPCT frontpaged article on speeding up the browser cache (see the section with the title "A bit of warning"), I also describe this problem and the solution to it.

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