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    Anyone see this?

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    Telecoms equipment manufacturer Ericsson revealed this week that it is testing faster High Speed Download Packet Access (HSDPA) mobile data communications capable of delivering 14.4Mbit/s of downstream bandwidth on Vodafone’s networks.
    The vendor has already upgraded the operator’s infrastructure to support 1.8Mbit/s in 17 UK towns and cities, with commercial services already available.
    “Vodafone has not released a date for it yet, but the 14.4Mbit/s HSDPA will be deployed into operator networks when the operators are ready,” said Ericsson UK managing director Jacqueline Hey.
    14.4 Mbit/s = 1.8 MB/s. Voda's data current charge: £2.35/MB. So at peak download rate (and current charges) you'd be spending £4.23/s. £4.23/s = £254/min = £15,228/hour = £365,472/day. Or to put it another way, you could spend a million pounds in 2.74 days!

    Ok, this (fantastic) technology isn't available yet and the idea of having peak data transfer for the best part of three days is completely unrealistic anyway, but c'mon Voda, do the decent thing and drop your data charges so I can buy a 750v.
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    go go useless upgrades! Stupid Canadian plans also. Pay through your crack to get data!

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