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    Is there a way to setup 2 exchange push accounts via active sync on the treo? I have 2 exchange accounts with 2 different companies and would like to be able to set them up on the "push" side instead of setting up one push and the other pop.
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    Great question, not sure if it's possible, but bump anyway.
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    i am running into this problem shortly- the only thing i can think of is to have one as an IMAP IDLE account in flexmail or just plain IMAP account in POutlook. Pick the one you want to have the calendar and contacts from and have that one be the exchange activesync connection. you can also forward mail from one to another and have the second server place messages into a seperate folder. that's how i have my exchange server checking a pop account i have.
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    Sadly no.....Outlook (both desktop and mobile) only work with one exchange account at a time.

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