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    I have the 700w and it only syncs correctly when I am phsically logged into my companies network. The device see's the new emails but will not download them to my device except randomly. At like 1 am in the morning a few will come through, but not all. Once I get into the office, and turn on my computer, BAM, they all suddenly show up. I tried the 700wx and it worked perfectly. So, the question is:

    1) Is it the network? Verizons 700w does not work but Sprints 700wx did.
    2) Can it be the softwear version. The 700w runs Windows Mobile version 1.1 while Sprints WX runs 1.13.
    3) Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this?
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    sounds like a network or server configuration issue on the frontward facing exchange server. Do you have access to a PalmOS based Verizon Treo to confirm?

    oh, and I am no expert
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    I'm no expert, but check your certs.
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    Wow, you are both in says experts ONLY, come on!
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    Decided to sacrifice coverage for the best PDA on the market.

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