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    I was setting up my Pocket MSN Messenger settings and now I realized "hotmail" shows under my messaging options with text message, outlook, and my setup, Gmail. Is there a way to remove Hotmail from messaging? It just showed up out of nowhere and I cannot find where to remove it.

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    Have you tried logging off Pocket MSN? Or going under settings and select Change User and just not signing in again.
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    Thanks a lot, Pibe. That fixed up the issue I had with it
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    I'd like to know how to remove a mail account that I setup. Cant seem to find a delete function for email accounts that a user sets up in messaging.
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    In messages go to menu>tools>options> and highlight and delete the account.
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    I can get to the menu with my accounts listed, but I have no 'delete' option? Opening that particular account brings up the inputs for that account?
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    hold your finger/stylus on it. It will bring up a "right click" menu similar to windows xp.

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