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    I dont think I have noticed this before with past devices. When the device is connected to the computer and I make a change to contacts, calendars, todo's ON THE DEVICE ITSELF, that activesync does not automaticly sync those right away with the computer, it gets sync'ed during the every 5 min active sync. Now if I change a note or web favorites ON THE DEVICE it sync's right away. Can someone else test this and let me know if this is the normal behavior, or is it just my computer. If I make a change to any of these on the computer they sync right away, so I know that part is normal.

    To test create a calendar event and connect the device to the computer. While it is still connected to the computer delete the even on the 700wx itself and confirm if it does or does not delete it on the computer right away.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Common, nobody is willing to try this. Help a brother out here. It would take all of 2 seconds.
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    In case anyone is interested, which I doubt due to the overwhelming response to help I recieved . I rounded up some other Treo users and had them test this. The default behavior is that when the device is connected and you make a change to Calendar/Contacts/Todo's on the device itself, it does not initiate a sync. However changes to notes/Favorites on the device do initiate a sync. Anything changed on the host pc causes a sync to take place.
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    lol, sorry bitbucket for the underwhelming response! (I didn't see this post and I only sync maybe once every 2 weeks with my PC)...

    Good info to know though...

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