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    1 - Have my Outlook on the phone setup for a few different accounts. Is there a "delete from server" option for just individual messages like there was in Snappermail? When I get junkmail on the road its nice to be able to dot each individual message with the DFS tag, then when you run a send/receive it was deleted off the server.

    2 - Had been tweaking the phone at work before getting AS installed at home. Got everything up and running, seemed to synch OK. However it did not synch the email settings. I had setup two accounts (Yahoo/Hotmail) on the phone through Outlook. When I open up Outlook, looks like it brought over the contacts OK, but nothing else. Do I need to setup the email accounts on my machine seperately?
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    1.- If you delete a message from the Pocket Outlook inbox and then delete it from the Deleted Items folder it will be erased from the server. Or at least that happens with my POP3 account.

    2.- Activesync will only sync contacts, calendar, etc., not accounts. I'm not sure if Outlook supports Yahoo, but I believe you either need a 3rd party app or an MS paid app for Outlook to support Hotmail. The wx will only sync with your PC's Outlook's Inbox unless set up through an Exchane server. Yahoo and Hotmail are a server on their own.

    Hope this helps...

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