Folks, I recently purchased a Spectec SDIO Wireless LAN Card WLAN 802.11b
Model : SDW820 SDIO card, and while it is in transit I had a couple of questions which I hope you all can answer.
First of all, when I insert the card, do I need to cut off Verizon's broadband access, or will the Treo 700W be smart enough to do so?
What software is needed? I assume that some driver/application will come with the card, but do you all have any recommendations of anything else that I might need?
I want to use it to test my own home wireless network (and to see if I can control my other PCs with term serv) as well as evaluate if it works well enough for me to give up Verizon's $45.00/month broadband bill, if I can find some hot spots not too far from my office.
Does anyone have any experience with this card, and if so, are you willing to share them(positive and negative). Thanks so much, and all your responses are most welcome!