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    Have a 700w (v1.10) synching OTA EVDO via Excange 2003 and it just started killing any meeting request I "Accept". Even if I accept it via Outlook or on the Treo it will show up for in my calendar for a minute and then disappear. I turned off my Treo completely and the then any meeting request I accept will stick. Once I turn on the Treo it disappears within a minute. I made sure the ActiveSync will resolve conflicts (even though these are not conflicts) and keep what is on the server - but is still disappears. It is clearly the Treo overwriting the calendar entries any idea why or what I can do?

    If I manually enter a cleandar entry in the Treo it will stick - but not within Outlook.
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    I did a hard reset, re-configured the device and all is better.

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