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    I have spent 14 hours talking to tech support at Sprint, HP and Palm. No one can get my 700WX to sync with my HP Pavillion DV1000US using Bluetooth.

    Even after a successful pairing I keep getting an error msg. on my Treo saying it can't find a compatible computer.

    I have verified that Bluetooth on both are working and discoverable.

    Anybody else having this problem? Also, I can sync successfully with USB cable.

    Also....Palm has my DV1000US specifically listed on their website as a compatible computer.


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    At the risk of offending you with such a basic question since you've spent 14 hours on this, have you created a "bluetooth serial port" and designated it as com7 on your computer?

    I had intial problems with set up as well, and the pairing, but after doing it for about an hour, then restarting both units after a "pairing" and making sure the virtual serial com port was set to 7 on the computer and in the settings of activesync it also says com port 7, I was syncing away.

    As I said, I'm sorry if this is really basic, but that's where I started and finished with the problem.

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