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    1.Are there any calendar apps that are more instantly usable like Palms..(type right into hour slot without accessing a whole new window)
    2.Any way to embolden fonts....(windows print is too light on that resolution for my eyes).
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    Not sure if you are considering 3rd party / paid for apps at all, but to really get a lot of power and added functionality for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts etc, you may want to look at either Pocket Informant or Agenda Fusion. Both those 3rd party apps are multi award winning and are excellent PIM programs - much much better than the built in Windows Mobile apps ...
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    I think TodayAgenda (free) is one of the best calendar apps.

    It's a fully cusomizable Calendar/Tasks plugin that allows you to show X number of days, change the fonts, colors, height...everything.

    You can also quickly access a "new appointment" just by navigating onto the plugin and moving Right on the D-pad (sub menu pops up).

    Make sure you use the BETA 0.9.20 for the 700w/wx for square screen support!

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