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    I'm new to the forum as I just switched over from a Blackberry 7100i to a Sprint 700wx phone.

    The problem I'm having is when I set up my phone email account, I want the sender to be my company name so clients won't know that the email is coming from my email account.

    I can set up the information in the phone but when the message is received, the sender info shows my email address and then reads "on behalf of" my company name. This obviously defeats the purposes of what I'm trying to do.

    My old Blackberry handled this with no problems.

    I called Sprint three times on this and just kept getting transferred around, disconnected and a lot of "I don't Know" answers.

    I figure if anyone would know how to do this, it will be in this forum.

    The funny thing is, Sprint also provides web mail through the same email account which I can set up to do what I want. It's only through the phone that it doesn't work right.

    Any suggestions on how to get around this (hacks, third party software, etc.) will be greatly appreciated.

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    How are you set up for your e-mail?
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    I followed the POP3 email set up instructions in the phone and users manual using the email address provided by Sprint (

    Let me know if you need any more info.

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    There's no reason you should need to use the Sprint email address in the first place. If you are using POP3 you will need to use their SMTP server but you can specify whatever email address you want.
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    Maybe I'm not explaining my situation clearly.

    Here's the set up I used to have with my Blackberry...

    When ever I need to leave my office, I set up a rule in Outlook to forward any incoming emails to my blackberry email address on my smartphone.

    I had my Blackberry email account set up with my company name as the "From" name and my company email address (not the one provided by Blackberry) as the "From email address".

    I want to do the same exact thing on my new Treo so that it appears that messages sent from my Treo came from my office email address.

    I don't really want to Sync to my office outlook account due to all of the spam mail I get all day long.

    Maybe I'm doing this the hard way so any other suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks again.
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    Rackman, that's exactly how I had my Blackberry setup as well, especially since that is the only way to get push email with the "Blackberry Internet Service."

    Unfortunately you need to have an exchange account to get that push connectivity with the wx. I've had my Treo for two weeks now and have been unable to find a way to get that push email (with the address you want) without having my domain mx records point to a (paid) shared exchange host.

    In short, if your company's email is exchange based, you can do it that way. If not, you can probably just do the same as your Blackberry but with POP based email (like gmail, for instance). Forward your company email via Outlook to gmail. When setting up a new account on the wx, you should be able to use your company's email address when it prompts you. Then use gmail settings for incoming/outgoing servers/login/etc. in the rest of the setup. I haven't tried it this way because its kind of a moot point without push, so I just have my wx pull it off my company's POP server.
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    Thanks for the info.

    I have a few ideas I'll try.
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    can you not connect to your exchange webmail server through exchange activesync?

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    I don't have an exchange server set up for my email.

    I ended up just creating a secondary user name through my company email and will use that email address from my Treo...this works out pretty good.

    It would be perfect if the Treo offered Push technology like Blackberry does though.

    Thanks again for all the help.

    Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to this group as well after I get better acquainted with the 700wx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rackman View Post
    It would be perfect if the Treo offered Push technology like Blackberry does though.
    Well, it does, to some extent. It just handles it differently and requires the user to set it up via a 3rd party. T-Mobile charged me $20/mo for Unlimited Blackberry Internet Service, which includes that push email address. There are push email solutions through hosted exchange services that cost anywhere between free (mail2web, with their domain) to $10/mo with your own domain. I agree with you that it isn't as seamless, and I have my own complaints about the POP usage on the Treo (emails are not sent immediately, uses more battery life for frequent sends & receives, etc.), but I still like it more than the BB. And if you do end up using a hosted exchange service, you can have all of your computers (home, work, laptop, and treo) synched for emails, contacts, appointments, etc.), which is a pretty amazing feature.
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    Thanks Kaiguy for the info.

    I'll look into some of the services you mentioned.

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