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    I hate Windows' Calendar.
    Any calendars similar to Palm's where you can just first even click ONto let alone type an entry into the hour's box.....and not necessarily have to fiddle with a whole other window etc...
    Thanks for any direction!
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    try pocket informant (very powerful)...some people like agenda fusion...myself im happy with the built in one but i have pocket breeze for the the today screen
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    Having used both platforms, my opinion is that there's *nothing* that comes even close to Datebk on WM5. I'm currently using PI and sure, there's a lot of eye candy, but the speed and ease with which a new entry can be made on Datebk in unrivaled.

    Couple of things I can't do on PI:
    - Set a default duration of 0h for an appointment
    - Define the views I want to cycle through when I press the calendar button

    If I'm missing here, please correct me.
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