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    This is discussed somewhat long-windedly in other posts on the 700w hardware forum, but I thought it might be useful to include all the information in one place. Basically, this is how you turn your Treo 700w/wx into an iPod, using only freeware:

    1) Download and install WM5 Storage from (you have to register to use this website for doownloads). It is a program that turns your Treo into a USB mass storage reader, so instead of active-sync, it just looks like your storage card is a USB flash drive with a letter (this last bit is very important).

    2) Download and install iTunes agent from This is a plug-in for iTunes (windows version) that recognizes USB mass storage devices and provides a way to sync' them with iTunes. It creates an item in your iTunes source list that you can drag music to, then sync' from the windows system tray. This requires the device to have a drive letter, hence step-1 above. It requires some configuration but is pretty easy.

    3) Download The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) from here: Install it on your Treo.

    4) Get the AAC plugin for TCPMP from here... and install on your Treo. Set TCPMP to associate with AAC files, using the file associations window of the options screen.

    5) Activate WM5 Storage, plug in your Treo via USB. Open iTunes agent (which automatically opens iTunes). Drag your music to your device. Sync' iTunes agent. Unplug. Open TCPMP. Listen to musical goodness.

    - CardExport II will work just as well as WM5 storage, but it costs $14, and places an icon on the today screen, and if you quit it there is no known way to restart it other than do a soft reset. Besides, there's a free version so why pay for something with less functionality. We are short on memory with the 700w anyway, so adding another resident program is not a good thing.

    - If you have a card reader, then yes you could take the card out of the treo and just sync to it using iTunes agent, but leaving the card in place is preferable, and means carrying one less peripheral when mobile with laptop plus Treo.

    - In theory Massstorsync from here: should do the same as iTunes agent, although it seems to be geared towards other smartphones and Palm OS devices, not WM5 devices like the 700w. You still need WM5 Storage or Card Export II, in order to keep the SD card in the device while syncing. Otherwise you have to sync' to a card reader and remove the SD.

    Now, if only they could get Treos to recognize 8GB storage cards, then there might be enough room for a decent music collection.
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    Great post! You should really put this in the wiki!

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