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    I just switched from 700p to 700wx two weeks ago and simple things like this should work ...

    No matter what I set my reminders (1min, 5 min, 1 day, etc) and all the notification settings (sounds/display reminders), they never go off!

    I haven't had one notification work since I got the device and have been late for several conference calls/meetings due to this. I searched the forum and noticed other threads similar but had no solution provided.

    Can anyone help please?
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    What third party software are you running. You might want to try a soft reset.
    My notifications work just fine and I am running a stock treo with the only apps installed are PHM Regedit and SPB backup
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    Mine work just fine too. I have pretty much a stock 700wx with just a couple of games installed. Wakes me up in the morning so far
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    Did you by any chance turned off notifications under Settings > SOunds and Notifications?
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    I gave in and hardreset .... and it fixed the problem ... for 3 days.

    and as of this morning, it isn't working again!!!

    Anyone else having this issue? Notification (meetings) always pops up as it is checked in Sounds & Notifications, but no sound ever happens for calendar events, emails, texts!!! Please help.

    Only third party software I have are PHM Reg, Resco Explorer, Resco Audio Recorder, TCPMP, SoftReset, Google Maps, SPB Backup, Verichat.

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