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    Just thought I would let everybody know that there is a USB charger out there. I purchased a "INSTEN" USB sync cradle and charger. It cost about $17.00 including the shipping. It works great and it DOES charge my 700wx while in the cradle. I get both the lightning-bolt next to the battery symbol and the Red/Green LED signalling the charge.
    I would post a picture, but I am at work (at Sprint ) and do not have access to ebay.
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    I use the Seido Innodock Junior cradle. I prefer theirs since you can charge while it's in the case. I HATE taking the wx out of my Krussell case (one of the reasons I've held back on a GPS system for the car). Good find though! Nice price.
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    I have to tell you, I really love the cradle charge.
    I sit at my desk most of the day, and being able to charge the 700wx during that time is a HUGE time-saver when I get home in the evening. My wife was already puzzled why this phone had to be charged every night.

    About the Krussel case, I had one of those for my IPAQ and it is top notch. I debated a long time about cases for my 700, but decided to go with a holster and a side pouch. I just don't care for the extra bulk of the other cases.
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    I had a USB charger and returned it because direct push stops when it's cradled. I got the Palm cradle kit and don't connect the USB cable unless I need to download some software.


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