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    About 2 or three times a day my phone displays a message that it must connect with sprint to enable the PCS Vision services and provision the phone. This is happening well after the initial set up, and there is no problem with any services, email, internet, or phone usage, or even SMS. Now when I click to allow it to provision it gives me an error code that said it could not complete, try again or contact sprint.

    Because everything is working, this is just an annoyance. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it?
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    Putting up another message, forgot the "email notification" feature.

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    the same thing has been happening to me as well. My WX tries provisioning and fails with error 1012. does this a few times a day.
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    It appears we are in the same boat. Hopefully someone has a solution. Just a question for you, cause I'm trying to figure out possible causes, but there was a registry hack that allows you to send picture mail the "old fashion way" like the 700P did, and I have that in place. It works beatufully and flawlessly. Do you have that installed?

    Also, with my old phones there was a place I could go to "force" provisioning rather than waiting for the pop up to come up. I can't find it on the WX. Can you?
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    look at the PRL 20224 thread. this happened to all of us.

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    same here. just started yesterday.
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    Apparently it's happening because there is an actual PRL update from 20222 to 20224.

    I dialed *2 told them of the problem, she manually entered an update. I had to then dial *2 30 minutes later after she had flagged me for an update. I updated to 20224 and I haven't had the pop up since. Althought it's only been a couple of hours.

    Hope that helps.
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    Dammit! It's doing it again! Despite that I had a manual upgrade. Despite the fact that I have PRL 20224.

    Now what?
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    Hard Reset and sell your phone.

    Just kidding... wait it out. These things are quirky. How many times has it happened since? It did get me twice as well.

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