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    I've just set up ActiveSync, which works fine except for Windows Media Player. Per the ActiveSync prompts, I've attempted to set up Media Synchronization.

    When I open WM10, and select the Sync tab, I see a "no device detected"

    I have a 4 Gig, card in my Treo 700wx, with a 4-gig card, but neither the device or the card are detected, even when I try to refresh by pressing F5 on my PC.
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    Hi Neill,

    I experienced the same problems, and finally figured it out - if you loaded active sync and THEN upgraded your media player to version 10, then media player won't detect your device.

    You need to uninstall active sync and windows media player and then re-install windows media player 10 FIRST and then re-install active sync.

    It worked for me yesterday, and everything finally synced and media player found my 2gb card right away and I was able to load it w/ no problems.

    Here are the links I found on Palm and MS websites:;en-us;901055

    Good luck!!
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    ah, windows....

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