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    I thought that when you purchased this, you got everything. I called sprint and thay said since we have no content manager we had to purchase through handmark. I went to handmark and thay have no on demand, just pocket express. pocket express is a little different like not having tv guide. after purchasing pocket express it doesn't activate on demand, but has you load a different program all together call pocket express. I go into my purchases part of ondemand now and see the purchase I made for pocket express but when I go to tvguide it still want to charge me.

    my questions..
    1. when you purchase the whole thing do you get everything including tv guide?
    2. can this be purchased on your pc or does it have to e purchased through your phone?
    3. what exactly do you get when you purchase and how many or extra?

    thanks, cody
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    I'm curious about this as well. How / where do we purchase legit. registration info. for OnDemand?
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    I have found out. pocket express and on demand are different. pocket express is for all different typys of phones and on demand is for sprint.

    the only way to activate this is through the phone. the other sprint phones (non windows) have a content manager and this can be done there. on the wx it must be done through the phone itself. it will take a credit card and charge to it. not to your sprint account.

    handango siad it could be purchased and renewed through, but I didn't see how.

    after two months I quit using this. I do not recommend this for anyone. what happened to me is my credit card would get charged for the renewal fee but the on demad app would continue to tell me that my subscription had expired. if I went into setting / accounts it would show that I was paid up, but the reset of the app wouldn't work. sprint and handango passed the buck from one to another saying the other person did support or it was the other persons fault. I finally wrote handango and said "I quit" and uninstalled.

    I would like to hear of someones experience with all this that was trouble free. not rvrn the auto updates worked on the app. lots of problems.
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    Because it uses CF 2.0 it's a clunky program. What it did (when it would actually do it), did it well. The problem with it was getting there. Often times it would reset itself and let me continue using the subscriptions for free. When I used it on the PALM OS (Pocket Express, it charged my Sprint account).

    In my eyes, the default homepage on IE does a LOT of what handmark does (sports, movies, directory assist, news) excluding the TV guide, which I have not found a substitute for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Pooh View Post
    excluding the TV guide, which I have not found a substitute for.
    here ya go

    it even lets you put a reminder right in your calendar.

    and FREEEE

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