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    After switching to the Treo 700WX from the PPC-6700 I have noticed a significant drop in bandwidth speed. Previously on Sprints EVDO network I would test at over 2 mbps. Unfortunately with the Treo the fastest test I have completed is about 650 kbps, about one quarter the speed of my PPC-6700. Although the tests showing 2.2 mbps may be unrealistic I have noticed a significant difference in my web browsing experience. Can anyone else verify this? I can say confidently that my level of intoxication appears not to effect the results of either test as I have done thorough examination of such matters.
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    at firsti thought that the wx was way slower than my 6700. i couldn't get half the speed i did with the 6700. it just so happens it wasnt the phone. something happened with the network around the same time as the wx was released. i now get just as fast connection as the 6700 did. i fact, i get a strong signal and faster speed now with the wx in boarder line evdo areas than i did before.

    for example. in the city i have great evdo coverage but at home i would bounce between evdo and 1x. at home my speed would avarage around 200kbps where at work i could get 700kbps. now at home getting a stronger signal i avarage 400 to 600kbps. this could be the network expanding or the phone just getting a better signal. seems funny cause i'm talking just 2-3 weeks. these speeds are from dslreports. not considering the speed test results i think the normal net pages come up faster than the 6700 did. i think since it has a smaller screen it does it faster. i dont know for sure.
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    I've never heard of anyone reporting anywhere close to 2.2mbps on an EVDO network. Sometimes I fool myself by running a test not realizing I have the USB cable connected to my laptop. When you are connected via USB you PDA will use the laptop's network connection. Maybe that's how you got the 2.2mbps reading. At any rate it is suspect since it is higher than the practical EVDO max speed which is around 1mbps. 650kbps is actually a very good speed for EVDO.
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    bro i remember when i had my 6700 it was really fast so i expected the same from the wx. well my experience is similar to everyone else's here who bought the wx the very first couple of days it was sold. it was fast in the begginning and then it just leveled off. but it has improved greatly in the last week or so. i mean i just tested on dslreports and with one bar i hit about 412 kbps so i know that it definitly has to be a network issue as codyppc and many others have stated. just give it some time
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    hannip is correct. 2.2mpbs is very unrealist outside of "burst" speeds.

    Don't tell me you were using

    If anything, browsing for me feels much faster than the 6700. I also average now between 400-600kbps which I'm happy about.

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    I had the 6700 for a short time and also feel that the 700wx is much faster than what I got on the 6700. The highest I've seen my 700wx hit was 1016kitb/sec with a 1mb donwload form dsl reports. The network definitely fluctuated big time from the first day to the following days. Now it seems my 700wx gets between 500kibt/sec - 800kbit/sec.
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