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    Can someone please help. I have 62.95mb total storage and 60.69mb in use which leaves me with only 2.26mb of free storage memory. I have attempted to find the large files using the find large files link, but cannot locate any files that are significant enough to take up this much space.

    Additionally, I have loaded and deleted Sprite Backup several times. The program continues to try and run on the phone even though it cannot be found in the remove programs list. Now, I have Sprite, Sprite (1), Sprite(2), and Sprite (3) icons in my programs list. Could this be the culprit to my memory drain and if it is can someone please help me get rid of all this extra sprite backup programs that I can't seem to delete?
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    Try clearing your Pocket IE cache and deleting mail attachments.

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    Some other common culprits...
    1) E-mail attachments.
    2) Google maps files (in a folder called "recordstores"), or virtual earth mobile cache files.
    3) Temp. files.
    4) Like he says ^^^ pocket IE cahce files (delete from within IE using the memory tab on the options page).
    5) Call logs etc.
    6) There are several sounds you can delete to make more memory available - like the verizon startup-shutdown sounds, one is way bigger than the other, so use one sound, copy and rename.

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