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    1 - Have my Outlook on the phone setup for a few different accounts. Is there a "delete from server" option for just individual messages like there was in Snappermail? When I get junkmail on the road its nice to be able to dot each individual message with the DFS tag, then when you run a send/receive it was deleted off the server.

    2 - In the Outlook contacts, is there a "Category" like there was in the Palm contacts? Had only just gotten used to using it so no big deal if not.

    3 - ed. Had been tweaking the phone at work today before getting AS installed at home. Got everything up and running, seemed to synch OK. However it did not synch the email settings. I had setup two accounts (Yahoo/Hotmail) on the phone through Outlook. When I open up Outlook, looks like it brought over the contacts OK, but nothing else. No email settings or anything. Do I have to setup each account seperately on my PC as well before they can synch?
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