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    Hi everyone. I love my 700wx so far. I will be sticking with it and figuring out something to do with my nary 4 month old 700p. One curious issue is that while in Tom Tom Navigator 5, with music running in the background with media player, the current song will play but media player won't continue to the next song in my playlist. I have to switch over to media player(have media player as the primary, dominant app) for it to continue to the next song. On my 700P Pocket Tunes would keep playing in the background while Tom Tom was displayed as the primary app. This is weird behavior since otherwise the 700wx multitasks much better. I unchecked the box next to "pause playback while using another application" but that didn't help. Thanks in advance for any tips on this.
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    BTW, I'm on version 5.210 of Tom Tom Navigator.

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