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    Every once in a while my 700wx will be sitting idle, and I hear a chime from it...pick it up and look at the screen and it will be asking if I want to look at content on the SD card as though I just inserted one...what the heck is that? Anyone else seen this?

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    Yes, I have seen this behavior, too. From time to time it will ask if I would like to see the pictures on the SD card. No rhyme nor reason, but it will just pop up that notification from time to time. I do suspect a bug, as well.
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    Yes someone just answered my question on this a few threads ago under WMPlayer - if thats whats causing it.

    In the today screen hold down the OK button to bring up the task manager and exit out of WMPlayer.
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    Wow !
    I really need to read my manual (I have not had the time)

    I had no idea about the task manager thing and I almost returned my 700wx because I thought a side button was not working. Come to find out, you need to hold the side button in for a few seconds to activate it.

    Also, I had the same problem with my SD card. It just stopped on its own after awhile.

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