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    The procedure above is to decrease RING DELAY when RECEIVING a call.

    Verizon uses CPOP now, a feature that allows 1x data to PAUSE and phone calls to pass through, a GREAT feature that I will miss in 1x areas I'm sure!

    I hope Sprint gets on the ball with this soon. It is probably the most important feature of a wm5 phone, since there are many 1x-only places still out there. I am lucky the places I go to most are EV, but not all of us are, and Sprint needs to fix this ASAP.
    This is great information. Thanks to your post, I found this:

    Yeah, I would say that this hits the nail on the head. The only thing that puzzles me is that I am pretty sure I have read that 6700 Verizon users have the send button twice issue....seems like this would have resolved it for them.

    The 700W is the first CDMA device I have heard of that does not suffer from it.

    Sprint, needs to do this ASAP!
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    Does anyone have more news regarding this issue? I am a Sprint 700wx customer in a 1X area and using direct push. I think if my phone hangs up my attempt to dial again, I might just open the car door and drag it down the interstate. Seriously, any help appreciated. I may just have to switch over to Verizon now that they have the WX and they have EVDO in my area.
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    crf450 is crazy..there! Someone had to say it!
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