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    Hey guys,

    I am not a fan of the commas that are automatically placed when adding two separate names to one contact. Is there an option to remove that feature? It is really annoying.
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    Will this be in the registry?
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    Chances are you just typed in the name, first name first, last name last on the "name Line" in the contact section or your contacts were transfered over from another phone. If you bring up a contact and tap on the arrow next to the name it will bring up another dialog with "titile, first, middle, last", etc. You will see that your contact name is all on one line, either first or last. you need to re-enter the info in the proper space. If you do that the all of your contacts will be displayed Last Name, First Name. If you want to have it displayed "First Last" name then you'll have to out the entire name on the "Company" name line.
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    Thanks a lot, Boomer. Adding their first and last name under "first name" took the comma away.

    Many thanks

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