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    This has turned from bizarre to slightly annoying.

    More often than not now when I turn off the screen (red phone button) a few seconds after it goes dark it will beep. I turn it back on to see that Windows Media Player has been opened and it says "Card inserted, do you want to search for video or pictures". I click no, close WMP, turn off phone. BEEP. Same thing, close it out turn off phone. BEEP. It seems to stop doing this after a while, but has anyone had this happen and please for the love of god what did you do to shut it off.

    ed - just happened again when I plugged the phone into the charger.
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    It has to be a WM5 bug. Happens on my 6700 all the time. A soft reset sometimes fixes it....or you can just answer "yes" to the dialogue, and let it scan your SD card for files. That seems to work for a while.
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    you need to get Windows Media out of memory. Next time after you close Windows Media player, get to your 'Today' screen. Press and hold the "ok" button to get the task manager to pop up. Note that "Windows Media" is still running... Select it and press the 'Stop' button with your stylus.

    This should solve your issue.

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