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    takes forever to just sync regular PIM data......timed it at over 10 minutes!

    Contacts 900
    Appts 100
    Tasks 50

    what the hell.

    This alone is wanting me to stick with the 700p (along with slow performance as you start to add programs to the 700wx). Too bad.
    Cingular 680
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    first sync or each time?
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    every single time.....
    Cingular 680
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    I thought hot sync took longer. try disableing the contacts for a while. to be honest, my favorite program is 4smartphone. it syncs contacts, calendar, tasks, email through push. now when I hook up to my computer these for aren't synced and it just for program install and sd card explorer.
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    my AS syncs in under a minute...maybe you know too many people ;-P

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