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    remotePROTECT by scpsoft

    easy security piece of mind for your Treo700w
    lock, unlock, or wipe your Treo remotely via a text message from a cellphone.

    If you need to have your device and the card really secure in the event you lose or misplace your Treo, itís hard to beat this application and the company that produces it. The application is easy to install and stable. The company provides very close to the best tech support I have ever experienced.

    For those that donít have microssoft exchange server 03 and its security features remotePROTECT is a godsend. Basically it allows you to remote lock, unlock and wipe your Treo and its storage card, or any PPC. Iíve been using it for a few months and after a few initial bumps (involving its use on cdma phones) which the developers amazingly and tirelessly resolved with me over the course of a few weeks, several emails back and forth and a few files, the new version works beautifully. I havenít had any conflicts, crashes, slowdowns or freezes. For just a few bucks, a 30 second install, and simple 15 second configuration you can sleep soundly knowing that if someone swipes your Treo, you loose it, or simply misplace it, you can remote wipe it, lock it, or unlock it all via a text message from any cell phone.

    This application is an absolute must-have.
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    I agree. Here are several other security options in addition to my personal recommendation RemotePROTECT (formerly known as PDAkill) for entering the phone and protecting personal data:

    WM Security
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    That does look very cool - thanks for the post ...
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    If my company is supporting WM 5.0 Direct Push, do I really need remoteProtect? I tried doing some research on what Direct Push is offering, but I can't find that much detail. When I used to have my Treo 650, I had mSafe, which allowed me to both protect the phone and remote lock and wipe.

    Does Windows Server 2003 with SP2 really offer that same protection. Ofcourse, my other option is to just have both. Having remoteProtect would allow me to have control of locking or wiping it whenever I felt I needed to as opposed to waiting for my IT department.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    Exchange Server 2003 with SP2 offers remote wipe capability - *only to devices that have the MSFP applied - as well as a few security policies that can be determined and applied centrally, like password length etc.

    I guess both would leave you where you don't rely on IT dept. if you lose the device ...

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