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    mine is already set that way and was from day 1 and still the same thing I cannot have it on more than 20 min without it shutting off.
    I do find that if I can turn off the headset while not using it and then turning it on when a call comes in that I can keep it up and runing a while longer bfore it turns of the settings in the phone and it needs to be reset.. but it is a hassle and I dont always catch the calls this way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry_Kreyon View Post
    mine is already set that way and was from day 1 and still the same thing I cannot have it on more than 20 min without it shutting off.
    Hm. Still happening to me, but not as much now. Yeesh, how weird.

    One thing I HAVE noticed is that it seems to *really* hurt battery life.
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    It now happens to me ALL THE TIME. Really bad, and I've tried 5 devices!
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    I've been using the BlueAnt Micro x3 bluetooth earpiece on my 700wx. No bluetooth dropped connections so far. Works really well. I've only had it for 4 days, so I'm still putting it through it's paces. Good voice quality. Better than the Plantronics 510 and Samsung WEP200 that I tried previously. Haven't lost the BT connection once, so it's been pretty stable so far. My past earpieces would lose connection frequently. I haven't tested the Blueant in noisy environments yet. The only problem I've notices so far is after a soft reset on the phone, the first call I make on on the earpiece has a faint buzzing sound in the background. As soon as I disconnect, all subsequent calls are fine. It's just that first call after a soft reset. I can live with that. I got the Blue Ant Micro X3 on Amazon for $50. So far, it looks like I'm keeping it.

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    I'm using a JX-10 and having the same issue. Like everyone else, it seems to have gotten worse recently. It hasn't been a problem for the past couple of days but it's turned off BT twice today.
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    vandoc - I noticed that buzzing sound too, I'm using a BT-150 (p.o.s.)...

    Like you said, it seems to go away...
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    Still happening to me. Going batty.
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    How's the BlueAnt Micro x3 working out still? Any issues?

    I'm looking for a new headset and that one looks really nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by septimus View Post
    Still happening to me. Going batty.
    Go retro, I gave my girlfriend my headset to use with her 700wx. Sure it has a wire, but it sounds phenominal, never needs charging and unlike a BT headset actually works right with the 700wx!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post

    How's the BlueAnt Micro x3 working out still? Any issues?

    I'm looking for a new headset and that one looks really nice.
    It's working well. No issues. I highly recommend it. I haven't had the bluetooth drop out once since I've had it (one week). I would recommend it. Haven't had any complaints from callers on the other end. I would recommend you order it from somewhere that has a good return policy, just in case the earpiece doesn't fit your ear canal (the earbud is larger than a typical one).
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    See I thought only the plantronics BT wasnt working for me. IM so glad i found this place. I hate it, I almost killed myself the other day trying to drive through DC traffic and answer my phone because the stupid headset wouldnt work and the phone dropped out of my hands. ERGGHHH!#@#$$%@#$%@#$%@#$% headset. It turned on like halfway through the call and im wondering if the other person hung up the phone on me, I failed to notice the BT icon at first and i was freaking out that my phone broke. haha!
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    Now I just use the Plantronics 510, because when it loses connection it at least beeps and lets me know. Seems to dropout less than the others anyway...
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    After a good four days of use, I can recommend the BlueAnt Micro X3 as well. I still get the bluetooth dropouts, but not nearly as often, and I can still *usually* click the button on the headset and have it reconnect in time to answer the call. No other headset I've tried has worked this well. I did end up using a Jabra eargel on it though, as I couldn't get a decent fit with the earloop and/or silicone nipple-thinger that came with it. The switching between phones works pretty well too, though you have to be quick.
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    Mine is driving me absolutely crazy. The bluetooth issue is one of the reasons I got rid of my PPC6700. I'm using the Jabra JX10 and the Treo turns off bluetooth constantly. If I try to hit menu and connect to bluetooth the phone completely freezes up until I reset. Has Palm even recognized this as a problem?
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    Talked to Palm tech support and they told me that Palm techs are currently working on a fix for blue tooth dropout issue. Didnt give me a time table. So fix is on the way.
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    I've noticed that since I installed PhoneAlarm, that the Bluetooth does not turn off, but I still can't use it after a while unless I soft reset.

    A fix would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath right now.

    I'm curious though, does it have anything to do with Palm using their own BT stack as opposed to the Microsoft stack??
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    I have the Plantronics 655, and I'm overall pleased with the BT performance. Maybe about once every 2-3 days I have to turn BT back on. I've never noticed it to stop working while using it. I have noticed the occassional hissing sound. From what I can gather, it happens about 50% of the time when I answer a call with my phone, then switch it to my headset. I've never encountered the hissing when answering with the headset.
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    I've been having the same problems. Started w/Plantronics 510 but it died (doesn't help that frustration made it hit the wall) but then went & bought Motorola H700 last night. It started doing the same thing. It paired OK but the BT icon only stayed on a few seconds. I then went into the Wireless Manager (because I flew last weekend and always turn everything off and on that way)and turned off the bluetooth portion and closed out of that and opened the bluetooth manager from the icon. I checked the "turn on bluetooth" box and so far (knock on wood) I haven't lost connection yet. The H700 is working like a charm. Not sure why the Wireless Mananger would be any different from the Bluetooth Manager but that's up to the programmers to figure out.
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    That would be terrific if it worked, but the bottom line is that we shouldn't have to jump through frickin' hoops to get something as elemental as BT to work consistently.
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    Hi all,

    Wife & I both are new 700p (sprint) users and have been having the same irritating audio-routing failure - headset seems to be connected, works fine for a while, but then audio reverts back to Treo earpiece. Has been like this with Moto H350, Samsung WEP200, and recently a Sony Ericsson 610a (which worked at first, but then later I got _no audio_ at all out of either - crashed my Treo hard).

    I do notice that all of these have been bluetooth 2.0 devices, and almost all of the "Palm tested" headsets are Bluetooth 1.2. We've got a JX-10 (which has BT 1.2) on the way, but apparently people have had issue with it too? At least we can tell Palm support it behaves this way even with officially tested headsets.

    One does wonder, don't Palm execs use bluetooth? This has gotta be ticking off some higher-ups somewhere...
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