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    I know its been posted, but i can't find it and i am going crazy becouse of it. Its an app that will alow me be able to silence my treo when email arrives at night. it has some profiles, and a lot of skins. all i know it has a word light in it.
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    phonealarm lite
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    Thank you.
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    pocketmax I believe is the name of the developer
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    To silence incoming email at night time I just leave the Messaging app open in the foreground. Some people hate this feature of Messaging, but I love it because I can silence incoming email without having to install any programs. I used to use PhoneAlarm, but ran into too many inconsistencies and finally gave up with it.
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    besides phone alarm there are two others i have heard about.



    phone profiles

    both of these create profiles like the blackberry your had. you should be able to set a time for the profile change and or just select new profile.

    hope this helps, cody

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