Hi everyone

I'm desperately hoping that someone can help with a terrible problem I encountered.

Earlier last week, I made a short note in a contact folder *for our largest client* on the Treo 700W. I leave the PDA in the syncing cradle when not in use... Yesterday, I went to find info for this client and saw the following note in both the laptop and Treo's contact folder:

[Text truncated on device. Modification of these items on the device will overwrite full text on desktop.]

I rechecked the relationships and the PC, of course, is set to overwrite the Treo. Also, if I'm syncing, why didn't the note I added to the Treo simply get added to the PC folder, keeping the last 2 yrs of notes in the contact folder??

I checked my delete bin but no luck. It has been several months since I did a .pst backup.

Does anyone know: 1. ** how I can get my info back and 2. why this happened?

Palm support told me to 'refresh' the PC. Thank- you, Mitch