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    You guys have to try MotoGear, sorry no link I'm posting with Opera Mini, but the 240x240 edition looks great and runs real well on the 700wx.

    It's very similar to Bike or Die for Palm, and it's pretty cheap at 9.99. I've had so much fun with it so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aridon View Post
    Here is a free cell game I use and was free. I had to extract the file to a zip since the boards wouldn't allow the archive files I use.
    I LOVE the game free cell, but when I take the zip file there are three files but none are the application, or am I doing something wrong??
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    im lookin for some free any suggestions?
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    If you sign up for windows mobile membership (Free) You can download 3D Nine Hole Golf at no charge.
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