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    Hello All.

    I may soon become a treonaut because email is becoming more and more important to my worklife.

    I plan on making the purchase of a 700w (Real pissed about the Sprint phone) if I do not like the BB 8703 more (Arrival date is this Sunday).

    Anywho, one question.

    My company has a shared hosting site with a internet hosting company and we have like 35 emails assigned to that domain. I will be the only one that needs push email to a phone, as well as sync'ed contacts and calender. Is this possible without damaging the integrity of our mail structure and having it operate as smooth as possible?
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    Boy, that depends on a lot of variables - mainly what sort of email services you are provided by your hosting company. I'd recommend doing a search for information about Verizon's mobile sync service here or else call up your host to see if they'll support some sort of push solution.
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    I would reccomend a subdomain and forward the sub's MX. The rest of your co can use, you use As a safety measure setup a forwarder for to forward to

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