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    My Sprint Treo 700wx experience is about three days old and Im 90% happy with it so far. It is extensible, fast, and serves all of my business needs, save these precious few:

    Our company uses Exchange 2003 SP2, so Im successfully using the Exchage ActiveSync feature of the phone to send/receive email against our Exchange Server and Im able to lookup contacts by using the 'Find Online' feature of the phone.

    What Im looking for is a registry hack, setting, or third party application that will do an auto-recognition of names from the Exchange Server's public folders. Using GoodLink on the Treo 650 I could set it to sync various public folders and it would bring down contacts stored in them for use on the phone, including caller ID. Does such a thing exist for the Treo 700wx[1]? Is this what the 'Online Address Book' is for in Messaging?

    Similarily, once these names are synced or otherwise available on the phone, is it safe to assume they'll be used for caller ID recognition?

    Thanks in advance.

    [1] Id prefer not to install GL on this phone except as a last resort.
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    I am in the same boat here, my experience with Good on the Treo 700wx is not great so far. I am feeling the limitations of AS however and would love to see some action. Good has a great product and I use it everyday on my 700p, if they can fix some of the memory issues on the 700wx I will be happy!

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    No luck, eh? Is everyone content to use the extra steps of 'Find Online' and not have the associated caller ID?
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