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    I read over at that the 750v will be capable of data speeds of 800 kb/ second with bursts of up to 1 mb/sec.

    I know our ev-do speeds range from 400 kbs and up, but I'm not sure if anyone's 700 reaches 800kbs and up on a regular basis.

    will data transfer on the vodafone network be faster than on our ev-do network?
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    to answer my own question, an for anyone else curious, apparently ev-do is slightly faster than the vodafone network
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    Keep in mind also that the number they give you on the site may not be consistent with your everyday experiences. There are some people who can't get more than 400 kbps daily, and there are others who will easily hit 600 kbps or more.
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    Vodafone is only operating on UMTS, isn't that correct?

    HSDPA is faster than EVDO Rev. 0.

    EVDO Rev. A should be slightly faster than HSDPA.

    However, on HSDPA/UMTS, you can do simultaneous voice/data.

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