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    Well, there seems to be a division in the screen colors in the 700WX screen just like there was in the screens of the 700p. Now as far as I know, The yellower screen is actually closer to the NTSC white color standard while the blue screen is a much colder version of that.

    Which do you have, which do you prefer, and why.

    I have 2 WX's and I have the yellower screen. Not sure which I prefer because I haven't seen the other in person yet.
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    Have you ever tried changing the theme to see if that changes the tint? I think my screen is fine, or maybe my eyes just don't care. I have the wm default theme BTW
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    Yeah, thats the same theme I use. But try reseting your device and seeing what color the palm screen is. My has a yellow tint to it. Its honestly not the worst thing in the world.
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