I've been a sprint customer for roughly 4 years. I currently have a 650 which I've had for about a year (the same model that is..not phone, its been replaced twice. more on that later). I'm getting very bored with the 650 and I've been dying to move to WM5 since it was released. I'm interested in the WX but I can't justify $649 for a phone right now (or even $400 like some people on this board have been offered).

I just renewed my contract for another 2 years in May to get the SERO plan so I'm not in a good position to bargin with a cancellation threat. However, I haven't had a phone rebate in over 2 years. I brought my 650 out of pocket with no rebates. I was assured by a service rep that it would not reset my eligblity for a new phone rebate (at the time the rebate policy for current customers was that you had to have gone 18 months since your last rebate to get $150 off a new phone purchase). Since then my 650 has had to be replaced twice (insurance replacements) and the Sprint Rebate site says I wont be eligible for the 150 rebate until 08. However the rebate policy for current customers has changed, its now 24 months for a $150 rebate. Do I have case?

I was thinking that if I get a starting price of $400 and a $150 rebate that would knock the price down to $250..then I could sell my 650 on ebay (the one I have is a brand new insurance replacement thats only about 2 months old)..maybe get around $150 for that which would effectively mean a $100 WX. Does this sound possible?