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    Is there a registry hack to disable the call duration dialog after finishing a call on the 700wx? Forgive me if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything searching. Thanks.
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    There is no call duration dialogue on mine. Sure your not talking about the 700P. It had one. On my wx when you hang up, that is it. It goes back to the Today screen.

    Maybe if you clarified a bit...
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    I am trying to figure out when this dialog pops up. It isn't every call and I just did an outbound call but it didn't show up. Seems sporadic. Anybody else seeing it? It gives a call duration similar to the 700p but less predictable.
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    Weird, I can't reproduce it now. Seems very sporadic.
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    You know I got to thinking, and I believe what you are seeing is the popup that asks if the person who called you or that you just called should be added to the address book. This happens when the number is not already in there. This can be shut off by going to the phone settings and unchecking the box next to the add number to phonebook option in the middle of the 1st phone preference page.
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    nope, it is different from that. I'm sure I've seen one that says call duration but doesn't ask about adding a contact. If I can get it to happen again I will take a picture.
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    When your display is showing anything other than the call dialog, and you end the call, the popup comes up that says "call ended with Jenna Jameson" (at least on mine it does ) with a dismiss option on the left softkey. But if you leave the call dialog on the screen, it will not pop up. Sometimes your cheek will tap the screen in the wrong place and bring up the today screen, or sometimes you'll look something up while on the phone, etc etc. Thats it. And its only when you're on any other screen than the call dialog window

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