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    Just wondering if anyone would help me get bluetooth set up on the active sync to work it is really making me mad!!!!! thanks guys
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    Well it would be nice if you told us more about your problem. How can we help you when all we know is that you need help?

    What BT adaptor are you using?
    What BT drivers are you using?
    Does your BT adaptor support the serial port profile?
    Did you pick the right serial port?
    What error messages are you getting?

    In the future, when asking for help with something, try and post as much information as you can so that people can start helping you better and quicker.
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    i am using a laptop and it has a built in bluetooth adapter it does support serial port profile i don't know what serial port it is using i am not getting an error message its just not finding anything in active sync on the computer sorry
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    Based on my reading, the 700wx does not have the bluetooth profiles to do this.

    This is a site where you can check what profiles your bluetooth device have:

    This is a site where I learned about bluetooth technology:

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    I'm pretty sure the 700wx supports the serial port profile, and obviously if you don't know which serial port either device is using, then that's going to be a problem. Make sure you set your ActiveSync to use the same port as your bluetooth adaptor, otherwise it's never going to work.
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    You might want to take a look at the link below. This was the only way I was able to get my 700w to sync via bluetooth. I have an HP laptop and the builtin bluetooth drivers would not work with syncing at all. Once I forced the bluetooth hardware to use the Microsoft bluetooth stack everything worked great.

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