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    1. Samsung 300 vs. Intel 312 processor..which is faster?
    2. UMTS vs. EVDO-true 3.5G speed
    3. BT DUN vs. USB DUN
    4. WM 5.2 vs. WM5.0
    5. No mention of SDIO support vs. SDIO Supported (Does this mean no wifi is possible?)
    6. More compact, anteless form factor vs. traditional treo form factor.
    7.Threaded SMS vs. No threaded SMS
    8. Integrated Voice Command incl calendar vs. Voice COmmand
    9.A2dp vs. No A2dp (thanks Hannip)
    10.BB Connect vs. No BB Connect
    11."Talk time: up to 4.5 hours GSM / 2.5 hours UMTS" (750v) vs. up to 5 hours talk time and more than 300 hours standby time " (700wx)"
    12. 6 way calling vs. 3 way calling.
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    I think the 700wx is more of the 750wx, and the 750v is more of a 700wv (if that makes sense). The 700wx in my opinion is Palm's flagship device. Don't let the higher # fool you. The battery life is gonna be pretty bad. I already use a 2400mah battery with my 700wx, 1200mah is WAY TOO SMALL. I think the Intel processor is just a bit faster, 300 vs 312.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I agree with you so much on the flagship comment, I made a thread about it a few hours ago!
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    there is nothing called the 750wx yet!i agree with the flagship comment even though treo 750v has significant advantages listed above
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    10.BB Connect vs. No BB Connect

    what about goodlink capability on the 700wx? or is that apples to oranges?

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