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    Currently have a Sprint Treo 650. I am a used boat dealer and need to download a buyers appraisal guide on my Palm. The 650 would not accept the software (windows based). I am about to buy a Sprint Treo 700WX thinking it will let me download the software. It needs 558MB of space. Will the mobile version of Windows on the 700WX accept Windows PC based software or does it need to be designed specifically for Windows Mobile?
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    The software needs to be designed for Windows Mobile. If the program only runs on Windows and not Windows Mobile, then you'll need a desktop or laptop to run the software. Good thing you asked before you bought a 700wx....
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    Thank You!

    Question.......Since Outlook calender and address book, email access and internet access are the main uses for my smart phone, at a upgrade cost of only $150.00 are there enough other benefits ie: speed, modem capability, (I am now paying another monthly fee for a Sprint Air Card for my laptop) etc... to make it a good investment?
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    Depends what you're upgrading from I guess...

    The service/program you use for appraisals, do they have an online site that you can use? Like KBB for cars? If so then you can just use the phone, and you wouldn't need the program at all...

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