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    Ok now ive been aroundlong enough i know PDAs need bluetooth gps modules to use navigation. My question is how come flip phones and even blackberrys can use garmin/telenav through the a-gps built in but the treos cant? That makes no sense at all. If the blackberry, which is essentially a pda too, can do it why couldnt the treo use telenav or garmin if someone wrote a version for it. Youd think the 2 companies would wanna cash in on something like that with all the treo users out there
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    Those A-GPS chips aren't as accurate as a real GPS receiver, and I'm pretty sure those garmin/telenav programs require an internet connection to work. More importantly, they don't have as many features. I guess if you want simple navigation, the A-GPS solution might work for you, but a real GPS receiver is a much more ideal solution.

    Another reason why you don't see anyone trying to utilize A-GPS on Treos and WinMob smartphones is that those phones actually support Bluetooth GPS receivers, so why sell an A-GPS solution to the smartphone market when you could sell a real GPS solution (which is probably what most people would want). Keep in mind too that not all phones have A-GPS built in. I don't think European phones have A-GPS built in. Now, if Garmin wants to make the most money, should they make an A-GPS solution which may only work in the US, or a full GPS solution that will work on any device that has a supported operating system and will work in both the US and UK?

    I think part of the reason why they even started making A-GPS solutions for flip phones and Blackberries was to appeal to those who wanted navigation, but didn't want to/couldn't get a smartphone/PDA/standalone unit for whatever reason.

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