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    Hi guys,

    I am a 600 user who is sick of POS 5 (inability to multi-task, poor web browsing, etc). I love the Treo one-handed use and phone features.

    I have an opportunity to upgrade through work, but I'm really struggling with my options. I have read all the threads comparing the 700w, Q, and XV6700 and have decided that I really want a 700w for usability/durability/form factor, but I'm concerned with a few issues.

    1) Low memory
    My PDA use is as follows: push email with exchange, synching to outlook for calendar/contacts, ]b]web browsing[/b] (gmail, slashdot, arstechnica, digg), VNC/SSH clients, occasional light gaming (would like to run emulators), AvantGo, TCMP, mp3 player, MSN/AIM, alarm clock, terminal services, tethering to my XP laptop, etc.

    I need to be able to find something on a web site, copy the text, switch to the email app, send out the link, go back to the web browsing, and do some IM concurrently. Oh yeah, and the phone should ring if I get a call.

    Is the 700w going to fall over and die under this kind of usage?

    2) Home vs Automatic A/B networks
    Does the 700w still revert back to "home" after every radio power down? This would drive me nuts.

    3) Threaded SMS - I'm addicted to this on the 600. I know of no other phone that can do this.

    As for the 6700 - it looks good but I'm really down on the form factor and usability issues. I feel that I'm spoiled by my 600's keyboard and phone app.

    The Q is a possible contender, but the fact that I can't select and copy/paste text would negatively affect the way I use a smart phone.
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    If you have Verizon, and need to keep it, I would suggest the i730. That baby is a MACHINE, but it has no camera and not as one-handed as the 700w. But the 700w for Verizon is very low on memory, with a great form-factor and camera, so you will have to decide which is more important. I am selling both cheap (the i730 has wm5 of course) if you are interested also. I eventually decided on the 700w, beause I felt the form-factor/ ease of use was more important to me
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    Have you tried the 700P? Coming from 600, you will feel a big difference.
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    The 600 was my first and hopefully last POS 5 device. While the 700p would be a nice upgrade, it's not one I would pay for. I can appreciate what POS has to offer, but it's just not powerful enough for what I want my device to be able to do (like, oh say, multitask).

    I do have Verizon, and am planning to keep it.

    What about the original questions - especially issues 1 & 2?
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    I had the 700w but that was before the ROM upgrade. It used to always go to home, don't know it that has changed.

    The only thing that does threaded SMS other than the Palm Treos that I know of is the newly announced 750v (not for Verizon though).

    I tried the Q also. If you really like the Treo form factor, you will probably not like the Q. While lighter and thinner, it was wider and felt more clunky in my had than a Treo. I also hated the keyboard but it's hard to say why. If you like the Treo keyboard I really doubt you would like the Q keyboard.
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    Does anyone know if the Home/Auto network thing is still an issue? The last post I could find on the subject was from June.

    bcaslis - I take it you went back to Palm and got a 700P?
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    If those are your only choices, I would take the 6700. Otherwise, I'd try a 700p and see how you like it.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to have to worry about the RAM on the 700w. Not having enough RAM can totally ruin the WinMob experience and then you'll be wishing you stuck with PalmOS when the problem is really just the 700w.

    The Q seems nice and stylish, but the lack of a touch screen would make life much harder.

    The 6700 is the only device that doesn't have the aforemetioned shortcomings of the other devices, but I do agree that the form factor isn't the greatest, especially when you're used to the 600's exposed keyboard. But in the end, I'd rather take functionality over form factore, and for this reason I'd pick the 6700 over the 700w and MotoQ
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    If work is picking up the tab, I would probably go with the 700P for right now, unless you can hold off a bit longer and hope Verizon comes out with the 700wx eventually. I wouldn't go with the Q for its lack of touchscreen, and the 6700 isn't the best with its formfactor and onehandedness. Your other option is the Samsung i730/i830. You'll at least then have the keyboard at the bottom of the screen instead of sideways.

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    I can speak for what I have which is the 700w which I really like.

    Home vs Automatic A/B networks - never been an issue for me, what it defaults to works for me so I haven't had to mess with this.

    Memory - this is the big one. For me, its fine. I did get MemMaid and the Oxios Hibernate program, and I do dutifully monitor what is running and I manually kill apps when done and cleanup mem reguarly. This is a hassle I'd rather not have to deal with - but, its not a big deal to me and it keeps my 700w humming along just fine. If doing this would be an issue for you, then I'd recommend against the 700w.

    With the ROM upgrade, it does kill apps alot quicker than it used to - you can't keep as many things running simultaneously. For me, I rarely have more than 2 things running at the same time. I have listened to a streaming radio station while running the CoPilot Live GPS program at the same time and that worked fine. But if you have Outlook, IE, and a chat app running at the same time - that I won't guarantee you could do (likely Outlook or IE would terminate). My best advice there would be to go to a Verizon store and pick up a 700w and try it in store. Fire up Outlook and IE, and maybe another app if a chat client isn't on it, and see if switching back and forth amongst them allows you to do what you're looking to do. Or take their 15-day trial period and test it out.

    I like the 700w form factor, and for my usage the 700w is fine. I'd say try one and see - the one thing that might be the deal breaker for you would be the memory.
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    Thanks JWB - this is great feedback. I'm very interested in hearing from current & former 700w owners regarding the issues I mentioned in the OP.

    I would also like to point out that I travel a lot (on the road anywhere in the U.S. 4 days a week) so the Home/Automatic network default does concern me a little.

    To the other posters, thanks for the input. My position going into this is:

    1) I will NOT buy another Palm OS 5 device. That OS just doesn't meet my needs for a powerful converged appliance. I'll be back once Palm has transitioned to Linux

    2) The 700w is my primary choice due to form factor, ease of use, and rugged durability. I might consider the 6700 but ONLY if the 700w memory/network issues are severe. I might consider the Q but ONLY if I'm willing to compromise on functionality due to issues I have with te 6700 form factor.

    I guess my point is you can try to sway me on the 6700 or the Q, but I'm not too likely to listen at this point unless you can first convince me that the 700w is not the phone for me.
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    The i730 is the most powerful BY FAR, and regardless of what you read it IS wm5 compatible (you would just have to run an upgrade straight from vzw). WIFI, 500mhz CPU, 320*240, more memory than you'll ever need. The only problem with it is the form factor, which isn't as bad since the keyboard slides out of the bottom pretty effortlessly; and no camera, which was a big deal to me.
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    Let us know what you decide! I'm particularly interested to see whether the 700w works out for you or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepat View Post
    The i730 is the most powerful BY FAR
    That's an interesting device - at first glance I'm thinking the battery life, lack of camera, and form factor make it less desirable than the treo, but it does seem to pack a punch. I'll put it on the short list.

    In any event, I think I am going to call Verizon tomorrow and try to order the 700w so I can evaluate it ...
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    IMHO, the 700w(x) is the best WM5 device out there. I have used them all and the treo is by far the most integrated with the OS. If the PalmOS had stayed updated I never would have looked elsewhere, but there is only so long one can go on a flat OS. The 6700 was big and clunky, the keyboard SUCKS...the 8125 from Cingular is a close runner-up to the Treo, but one handed operation (insert pron joke here) is the only way to go.

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    I just wish I could get the 700wx on Verizon. All that memory! I'd be in a state of techno-bliss.

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